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Our mission is to provide the supervision of court ordered parent-child visitation, as well as assisting in the reintroduction of a parent in to a child's life. Our goal is to provide these services in a safe, stress-free environment so the parent and child can focus on interacting with each other and, hopefully, mending their relationship.

Servicing the following counties:

Wichita, Clay, Archer, Wilbarger, Montague and Young


Current member of The Supervised Visitation Network Worldwide

Registered with the Office of the Attorney General Child Support and Visitation Directory

We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Charity

"Why do we need these services?"

There are many situations in family law cases, or other cases, affecting the parent-child relationship where the need arises for a neutral third party to supervise visitation between a parent, or another party, and a child or children. We offer this service in an unbiased, stress-free environment with the child's safety and well-being as the main focus.

Our Services

  • On-site visitation in a home-type setting offering interactive activities geared toward the child's interest
  • Supervised custodial exchanges
  • Servicing Wichita, Clay, Archer, Wilbarger, Montague, and Young counties

Additional Services

  • Audio and video recording of visitations and exchanges
  • Detailed written reports
  • Court appearances
  • Notary Services


We are a 501(c)3 Charity

All fees are based on the client's income

Administrative Fee $35 per party

Supervised visitation per hour:

  • Based on income- 1-2 children
  • Based on income- 3-4 children
  • Based on income- 5 or more children

Supervised exchange $25 per party

Contact us for a list of additional fees


The safety of the child is first and foremost.

Numerous safety precautions,

such as recording of

visits and training by licensed

professionals, are in place to ensure

the child is safe at all times. 


909 8th St., Suite 200

Wichita Falls, TX 76301


Office 940-386-3844

Fax 940-386-3845

[email protected]


Visitation Hours:

7 day a week - As Scheduled

Office hours:

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